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  1. Can a girl of 11 be an evidence for a murder?
    To all crazy Turkish directors and their brilliant artists:
    When i watch your serials, find no difference between now and decades or centuries ago, except their tools of bruetalitis are different, which means ypu learned noth9ng from your history , and you even became worse than those people in centuries ago.
    You are a sample of a Turk who looks mad with nervous breakdown. If you are all like what I see in your series, Turkey must be kiving in 16-18 century ago.
    You rarely have any good person living comfortably, of they do they are bribes( endless love, Guzal, …….).
    So what are all these made of for? People getting knowledge about your society, by turtouring them that no good human exists? Or they are all some sorts of amusements. Are they amusing youyou, yourself as a human being? You must be sick.
    If I count the good person getting treated nicely, I an not find even one. It is an insult to animals, but they all are animals, voltures. Do you see us all like this? You must be mad.
    Please the serial, Mother, these days. So beautifully showing mothers at different situations. But watch Guzal, what is that specially at number 400 something. Watch, Tosife Eshgh, what is it saying. Why Heshmat can do whatever he likes then takes a girl as a kidnapped, now he wants to get revenge. Come on for God sakes.
    Why do you take all viewers for granted for so many years?
    You might say, do not watch, I do do it deliberately, because I want to know you crazy kinds directors. Look at what Ms. Hilal is doing in her serial.
    With no reason, shows how weak Nihan is who can not tell her baby’s father about their child, then is ready to live with Emire.
    Whose mind works like this?
    Who does things happening in her serial whis is happening now?
    You are not filmmakers, you just want to show how crazy one can be.

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